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“This place Scamed us also !!!! AVOID LIKE THE PLAUGE”

Carter's Business Supply
Burbank 91502 Location This place call our shop and asked for the shipping manager. When our shipping foreman (Billy) answered they told him they would give him a free radio for the packing room if he would just sample some of their FREE tape at no charge. Well we received the tape with no radio and with the tape came a bill for near $873.00 for 48 rolls of tape. Now I ask you where on earth does a single roll of tape cost $18.18? Do the math? Not only was the tape ridiculously priced but the stuff does not even stick to add insult to injury. To make things worst some wicked witch named Shirley called asking why we haven’t paid our bill? My boss about destroyed the phone yelling into it. God help them if they keep calling he is the type to fly over there and break some knee caps :? Someone better put this place out of business the right way before someone gets hurt.
2831 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA
(818) 840-9711

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