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“Horrible Service Department”

CarMax Burbank
TERRIBLE SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!!!!! I bought a 2007 dodge caravan with only 25000 mi back in Jan 2011 and I have had to take the car in 4 times to fix the sliding doors since they couldn't fix it right the first time. Then when I took my car into the dealership to get a regular service since I live in ventura county, Burbank is like an hour away and I have a 1 yr old (that's why we bought a mini van). The dealership found that my breaks need to be replaced and at that time it was June 2011 so I was surprised that I had to replace them so soon (I had about 31000 mi) IS THAT NORMAL?? Well my service rep Olivia helped me out and was able to replace the rear break pads and did a service too in Jun 2011. BUT this month Jan 2012 my tire sensor went off and I had low tire pressure so I took it into a local tire place (mountain view tire) and they took a look at my tires and told me my front tires were basically bald, my husband took a look and agreed (he doesn't drive the mini van so he didn't know they were that bad till then and I usually find out about things needing to be replaced when I take my car in for service which is pretty consistently at 5000 mi like when I took the car into the dealership but when I got my rear breaks and service done back in Jun they didn't mention anything to me). So we had the front replaced and Louie at Mt view also recommended the rears need to be replaced soon as well and when they were replacing my front tires they found that my front breaks were very low like at 10%. I was very upset that I took my car in like 6-7 months ago and it was not brought to my attention that I would need to be replacing the breaks soooo soon. IS THAT NORMAL? I have only 38000 mi right now. Oh and by the way we have had problems with the battery a couple of times where we have had to jump start the car. So I called carmax and asked why I was having to replace soo many things so soon, I've never had to do this for any of my cars till like at least around 50000 mi. I was told to talk to JOSEPH the service MANAGER who basically told me that it was normal wear and tear and that he couldn't do anything but a price adjustment which would only be around 40-50.00 off. I told him that would only cover my gas to go to and from. He kept his ground and said that was all he can do. So I called corporate and talked with Esha and she basically could only talk via messages with JOSEPH and ask him to do a review and which he did but called me back and basically said the same thing he said before. I asked if he could at least change my front breaks and I would go ahead and do the tires and the battery but he flat out said no. I will never take my car back to Carmax for service and I dont recommend buying a car there either. The service or inspection they do doesn't seem fair. I think if I had bought an older car with more miles they would have replaced certain items like the tires and breaks so they are up to state standards but if you are looking to buy a car with less miles they tires and breaks are pretty much the ones that the dealer put on and if they are at the min standards they leave it and oh well I guess. I find that to be very unfair you would think the service department would be able to do something about that. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I did not complain when I had to bring my car in and pay a deductible with maxcare to fix my doors and have to bring it in several times but this is unacceptable. DONT BUY AN CAR FROM HERE AND DON'T BRING IT IN FOR SERVICE EITHER!!!!!! This is the first time I have bought a used car and well NEVER again. All because of this one bad experience.
1000 S Flower St
Burbank, CA
(818) 736-4720

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